A little living being shacked all our certainties. Man who constantly increases his military power in order to prevaricate the other and affirm his supremacy, who abuses the planet with carelessness for mere commercial endings as if he was the king of it, man who dominates everything and who landed on Mars, this almighty man had to surrender to a such a small enemy that can’t even be seen with the naked eye. The coronavirus, with a dimension of 100-150 nm of diameter, about 600 times smaller of the diameter of a human hair, jammed our “perfect” machine in the time span of few months causing the mobilization of thousands of virologists, the closing of schools, shops and cities. Forcing us in our houses and depriving us of our freedom. It made us victims of a state of perennial fear. Travelling among Tuscan cities, symbol of renaissance, during the lock down it’s been like a journey through the finds of our civilization. Despite the splendour of buildings and squares it was like visiting the remains of an extinguished civilization, deprived of life and of which only the shell was left untouched. The only human presences were the ones of the militaries, placed in the main points of interest like custodians of nothingness. Only a few companies kept working in these days, their employees as protected as if they were handling radioactive substances. Maybe this virus has been a response of the system in which we live and of which we think we can abuse as we wish. Maybe this is the moment when hierarchies need to be re-established. 

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