Sumatra earthquake

At 12.16 (Italian time) of September 30th 2009 an earthquake of 7.6 degree of the Richter scale was registered in Indonesia. The epicenter was located at about 50km from Padang, on the western coast of Sumatra, about 80km below sea level. There was a second deeper earthquake after 20 minutes. More than 700 people were found dead while 300 more were missing. Hundreds of buildings collapsed, many of which were governmental buildings, hotels and schools. In the Gama Primary school, in Padang, more than 40 children lost their lives. The earthquake destroyed many villages, both south and north of the capital. NGO’s were very concerned about them as they were very difficult to reach. They found many families outside their collapsed houses, waiting for help to restore them. Farmers couldn’t work as villages were no longer reached by water. Many NGO distributed water and food. The situation improved but the damage was vast and thousands of people had to wait months, or years, before being able to live again in their houses.