Rom | Denied Integration

There are about 7.000 Romany living in nomad camps around Rome; some of them live in illegal camps and others in legal ones, equipped or partially equipped, of private or municipal property. About 70% of them come from families which moved to Italy more than 450 years ago and by now are completely Italian. Only a small percentage of them have recently immigrated here. The Romany camp network will be dismantled by the new “regulation for the management of equipped settlements for nomad communities in the municipality of Rome”, approved on February 19th and undersigned by the prefect of Rome, Giuseppe Pecoraro, in the person of delegate commissioner for the nomad emergency. According to the document, people living in the camps will have to follow very strict behavior rules. Are these necessary precautions or is this the birth of new ghettos? We are being watched by the European Community, and the image that Italy is projecting is that of a racist and xenophobic country, representing “a risk for the entire Community”.