Unlicensed boxing

Although unlicensed boxing is not illegal it can be seen as a rougher, more brutal side of the sport. Unlicensed fighters are boxers who are not licensed by the British Boxing Board of Control and often have everyday professions outside of the ring. Unlicensed boxing covers a wide range of fighters and fighting contests but this doesn’t mean that the fighters are taking part in anything illegal. Most are matches staged in leisure centres, nightclubs and halls with gloves, referees, trainers and medics. However, some of the fights are not staged under strict conditions and would not meet the criteria set up by many organizations. Roy Shaw, Lenny McLean and Donny ‘the bull’ Adams are all former legends of the unlicensed game attracting huge crowds and bets whenever they fought. Lenny McLean fought Roy Shaw three times in the late 1970’s in front of massive crowds and the press also covered the controversial fight between Roy Shaw and Donny ‘the bull’ Adams.The police objected to the contest as it was originally going to be staged bareknuckle. The fight did go ahead, with gloves, and Roy Shaw won with a knockout in the first round. Many gypsy fighters still continue the tradition of bareknuckle fighting today. Today the unlicensed fight game still goes on and there are a few main promoters around London. The pictures have been taken during the events organized by Mean Machine Promotions, run by Joe Pyle.